Massglass & Door is a nationwide maintenance service company that provides glass, door, lock, and gate repairs and replacements for commercial retailers and residential customers. Massglass & Door has been in business since 1990. Massglass & Door is known as an industry leader in providing exceptional service to our customers. From the time the initial service request is placed until the job is billed, the store manager, corporate office or residential customer are constantly updated with status of the request.

Jobs are dispatched to the technicians based upon performance rating, service territory and skill level.

All jobs are followed up on a daily basis both with the subcontractor and with the site to confirm satisfaction with the work. The site and corporate offices will be informed continuously throughout the course of the job of any changes in schedule. Massglass’ online software allows them to track the repair history for a particular store. Their software will flag their dispatchers that there is a previous request and it may be a warranty situation. This software allows them to track warranty calls and to make recommendations for alternative solutions to any repetitive problems. Job summary reports can be sent on a scheduled basis or viewed via our online software. In addition, Massglass can send a variety of aging and accrual reports to help their customers budget maintenance expenses.

The benefits of a partnership with Massglass & Door are numerous. Massglass is committed to learning their customers’ requirements and working as a highly trained extension of their customers’ facility maintenance department. Massglass has fine tuned their operations to save their customers time and to follow-up on jobs carefully.